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Investing Jan 21, 2022

What kind of investment opportunities are available on Accrete?

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By Accrete Team

Investing in alternatives has been a sought-after opportunity by many, but only available to a few. At Accrete, we’re here to open the gates and democratize access to these opportunities. 

At Accrete, we pick home-run private market opportunities and evaluate each one, offering only the best selection to our investors. Our team has access to opportunities that enable our investors to curate their private alternatives portfolios in the same way as large endowments and family offices can. With Accrete, you can invest across funds and direct co-investments in private equity, growth, and in the near future, real estate and other alternative asset classes.

Before Accrete, these opportunities might have come with a minimum buy-in price tag of $50,000 or more to participate in a funding round. But today, we’re able to offer access to these private market investments that were previously walled off.

Our investment opportunities come with a $5,000 minimum buy-in and are available to accredited investors. Today, we offer two types of investment opportunities on our platform: feeder funds and direct co-investments.

Feeder Funds

Feeder funds are an investment vehicle, pooling capital commitments and “feeding” into a master fund. By using feeder funds, we’re able to increase accessibility and open up a new channel into exclusive funds that typically like to restrict access to just a few investors. 

Accrete users can buy into these feeder funds to get the same benefits without all of the logistics and administration. With minimums starting at $5,000, you can invest in our multi-asset fund opportunities for increased investment diversification while still retaining the lower minimums per opportunity. These are funds that might have required minimums 10 to 100 times above our current thresholds in the past. We handle the cost of setting up these vehicles, conducting due diligence for both the investment opportunity and investor’s KYC process, and any other legal administrative steps. 

Direct Co-Investments

The other investment route at Accrete is via singular opportunities called direct co-investments. These opportunities allow our investors to choose what specific deals they want to invest in and ensure they are only exposed to that particular investment’s performance.

In traditional private equity and investment funds, investors commit capital to the fund and depend on the investment team to identify and invest in the opportunities going forward. With Accrete’s direct co-investments, we put more power into your hands to make sure your money is going towards the investments you’re interested in supporting.

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Last updated February 7, 2022
Accrete Launches Alternative Investment Platform to Democratize Access to Private Markets
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