We help regular investors unlock access to high-return specialized investments and alternative investments that were previously out of reach.

What is Accrete?

We combine the investing power of regular investors (that’s you) to unlock access to large-dollar alternative investments that would previously have been out-of-reach. Invest like the big guys, but with minimums as low as $5,000.

These high-return opportunities are typically inaccessible to anybody without a big enough bankroll to throw around. Not anymore.

Why Invest in Alternatives?

Alternative investments don’t fall into a conventional category (like stocks or bonds). They tend to behave differently than stocks or bonds, so they are a great way to diversify. A good rule of thumb is: 15-20% of your portfolio should be in alternatives. They could include art and antiques, private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, managed futures, commodities, or real estate.

How Accrete Works

We level the playing field so everyone can participate in wealth creation opportunities. We reduce required investment sizes to open up access, minimizing fees and creating a secondary market so you can cash out.

There are two ways to invest with us:

Fund investments

Minimums: $5,000
Invest in our flagship opportunity fund series in order to benefit from a higher level of diversification and lower minimums per investment opportunity.

Deal by deal investments

Minimums: $5,000
If you prefer to select individual opportunities for investment, you can participate in monthly deal-by-deal offers or utilize our secondary buyer windows.

So What’s in it For You?

Access to extraordinary opportunities you have previously been priced out of.
Use the power of collective action to unlock bigger opportunities.
Investing for good and profits. In other words: doing good while doing well.

Our Approach

We are generalists in our approach. We focus on the key themes that are going to be driving change in industries, our planet, and our way of life over the coming years. In each theme, we identify the sponsor partners with the best attributable track record, origination capabilities, and value creation franchises. But, more importantly, they must have the right organisational leadership and culture of integrity. This two-tiered structure allows us to pick home run opportunities in the private markets.

We Pre-fund

We put our capital to work, and in some cases pre-fund investments in order to make sure we secure our share of an opportunity before involving our investors. This helps provide the most optimum, risk-adjusted returns.